Protect Yourself Against the Unthinkable With a Popular Cancer Cover

Did you know that where you live can determine the likelihood of surviving a terrible illness? Take lung cancer for example. According to recent research, the chances of beating this cancer are twice as good if you live in the United States as if you are in the UK. That’s something that has to change if we want to stay healthy. The reason why the survival rates are so much different across the pond is because there’s a heavy focus on medical research in America, well over half a trillion dollars every year.

There’s one insurer that thinks it’s time to change things up, and that’s Preferred Care. It will fly you to the States if you need specialized care at a price that’s almost too good to be true. It’s roughly a thousand pounds a year to cover someone in their early to mid fifties, while it’s far cheaper to cover a child facing this terrible illness.

Cancer Cover

Family history will determine whether you have a risk factor high enough to justify the additional cost. For example, if you have a high frequency of cancer cases in your family, it might be a smart idea to add additional coverage to your policy portfolio.

If you’re interested in this type of coverage, it’s important that you start looking around for coverage that will help you protect yourself and your family. Shopping around for quotes can lead you to products and policies that are affordable and may cover even more than what Preferred Care claims to do.

Be prepared to submit plenty of paperwork. Even if you are diagnosed with cancer, the insurer will want to verify this with a specialist before they spend the money to fly you over and then fly you back.

There are also some conditions that you need to be aware of before you sign up for one of these plans. First and foremost, you have to declare all of your existing conditions at the time of the application. If you don’t reveal this and you try to submit a claim, it’s going to be considered fraudulent and declined accordingly. The pre-existing conditions have no effect on the premium in terms of raising it, so it’s best to just be honest. You also cannot get a policy underwritten if you spend more than 6 months in the United States or surrounding US-owned territories, as you will be considered a resident of that country and not eligible. Experimental treatments aren’t covered without direct and specific approved, and neither is private nurse and hospice care. If you want those things to be covered, you’ll have to shop around for an additional policy.

It’s time to start looking at ways to protect yourself, and therefore your family. Review the policies available on the market and see if one may fit your needs. Good luck!