6 Ways to Save Money this Year

We’re always on the look-out for ways to save money, but sometimes it’s a lot easier than spending less or earning more. There are now many different ways that you can make some extra cash and save money, without having to work extra hours at the office or go without your morning cup of coffee.

  1. Recycle old mobile phones

Most of us have at least two or three old mobile phones lying around, and with many phone contracts ending after two years, the average person will accumulate between four and six phones over ten years. Depending on the condition and type of phone that you have, you could get a fair bit of cash for it at the recycling centre.

Save Money

  1. Get cashback for using your debit and credit cards

Not all debit and credit cards have a scheme like this, but look for the ones that do. RBS, for example, allow you to earn cash rewards for every pound that you spend using your debit card. You can then donate this to charity, spend it or put it straight into your bank account. The only thing you’ve done is use your debit card, which you probably did anyway.

  1. Don’t be tempted by gym contracts

A lot of people sign up for a yearly contract at the gym but never actually use most of the months. Rather than falling into the trap of thinking that you’re going to save money by doing this, opt for a slightly higher monthly price on a rolling contract. You can then cancel whenever you’ve had enough of the gym.

  1. Plan ahead with your food shopping

When it comes to tinned foods and other foods which don’t go off quickly, make the most of the offers and special deals that are available at your supermarket. Having a larger bill one week means that you’ll reduce your food bill for the next few weeks, saving you a few pounds.

  1. Rent clothing for special occasions

You want a gorgeous dress for your friend’s wedding, and you can’t even accommodate the idea of wearing the one you wore for your niece’s christening last summer. Rather than buying a brand new dress that you’re only going to wear once anyway, rent one for a fraction of the price and save money.

  1. Settle for catch-up TV

Most of us come home from work and watch our favourite TV shows on catch-up anyway, so you could ditch your TV license and watch on BBC iPlayer and other catch-up websites instead.