Is Crypto Still A Smart Financial Investment?

Since it’s first inception over a decade ago, crypto currency as a whole has always remained a bit of a niche topic as something that hadn’t been really understood or found the platform it needed in order to succeed, even now as it becomes more widely used across a number of different online services just […]

A Better Understanding of the Finance Market

If anything, this past year has shown more than anything it’s that having a diversity in our own finances is more important than ever, in a somewhat fortunate turn of events however it seems that a better understand of all things financial as some big markets have entered the news and have perhaps changed the […]

Why is there no credit check with payday loans?

People often suggest that, as payday loans are advanced without credit checks, the lender is acting irresponsibly loaning out money carte blanche without doing background checks first. Whilst it’s true that most payday lenders are not so concerned with credit history, to say that they don’t carry out checks is something of a myth. Twice […]

6 important Lessons every young adult needs to learn about Finances

As parents, it’s important to make sure you pass on lessons to your children. Unfortunately, too many financial lessons get forgotten along the way. Because of this, young adults go out into the world, ignorant of crucial money lessons. So, what are some things that kids need to know about money? Effectively Using Credit Cards […]

County Court Judgement (CCJ)

A County Court Judgement (CCJ) is a judgement issued by the court when you have failed to meet the payments as part of a credit agreement such as a personal loan, utility bill or credit card. A court can order a CCJ if it believes that you owe money to a creditor, with the order […]


Bankruptcy is a financial resolution that may be considered by someone who can no longer afford to pay their debts. It is usually considered the ‘last option’ for people who have accrued a large amount of debt and cannot afford the repayments. Once you have been declared bankrupt, your remaining debts are written off, however […]